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[[black type]] No. 123. [[/black type]]
[[blue type]] Gilded Rhinoceros--Han dynasty.
h. 4.1" in. w. 3.2" in.

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According to scientific treatise, rhinoceroses have three
an animal
horns and a hairy tail . The rhinoceros is a native  to Annam and  . not to be found in the territory of all China. Be it as it may,this work is of the most exquisite order and manufactured lifelike.

This dates back several thousandsof years, and is priceless as it has no defects whatsoever. It was excavated in Shanse and among the collections of a noted art lover. [[/blue type]]

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[[black type]] No. 124. [[/black type]]
[[blue type]] Gilded Bull ( in pair)
h. 1.2" in w. 1.6"

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This pair of gilded bulls were excavated in Shanse. Although small in size, but the pair were well gilded; the workmanship being so excellent that they looked very much like live ones. They were kept in the palaces to indicate the importance of agriculture  , as they were indispensable to the art of cultivation to the Chinese people.

Being in pair and have been kept in good condition throughout all the long ages, they are very valuable. [[/blue type]]
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