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Europoean Ceramics. 

S. I. 12.    The Albarello. 
                 By Henry  Wallis. 

S. I. 13.    Fifteenth Century Italian Maiolica.
                 By Henry Wallis.

S. I. 14.    Maiolica Payment Tiles 
                 By Henry Wallis. 

S. I. 15.    Oakleaf Jars Fifteenth Century. 
                 By Henry Wallis. 

S. I. 16.    Oriental Influence on Italian Ceramic Arts. (2 copies.)
                 By Henry Wallis. 

S. I. 17.    Seventeen Plates by Niola Fontana Da Urban at the Correr 
               Museum, Venice. (Maiolica).
                 By Henry Wallis. 

S. I. 18.    History of Early Italian Maiolica. 
                 By Henry Wallis. 

S. I. 28.    Die Ausstellung von Maisterwerken Muhammeaniecher Hunst in 
              Munchen 1910 (3 volumes with S. I. 27 and 29).
                 By F. R. Martin and F. Sarre. 

S. I. 49.    Gourina, etc. (Crete). 
                 By  Harriet  Boyd Hawes and associates. 
                 American Exploration Society. 

S. I. 68.    Catalogue of Greek Ceramic Art. 
                 Burlington Fine Arts Publication.

S. I. 169.   Ceramic Art in Remote Agea.
                 By J. B. Waring.

S. I. 231.   Historie De La Pouilan.
                 By Albert Jacquemart and Edmond LeBlant.
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