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Indian Sculpture

S.I. 183. Temples of Southern India. 

S.I. 184. Indian Sculpture and Painting 
   By E.B. Havell

S.I. 185. Ancient and Mediaeval Architecture of India. 
   By E.B. Havell

S.I. 186. History of FIne Art in India and Caylon. 

S.I.188/189. Buddhist Art in India 
   By A. Grunwedel. 

S.I. 701. Visvakarma - Part I. (Specimen sheets-bound) (P) 
12 reproductions of Indian Sculpture, chosen
   By Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. 

S.I.1019 Visvakarma First Series
   By A. Coomaraswamy

S.I.1013 Memoirs of Colombo Museum - Bronzes fron Ceylon 
   By A. Coomaraswamy


S.I.1007 Burning and Melting (tr. from Persian of Muhammed Riza Naui by Dawud and Coomaraswamy) 

S.I.1018 Vidyapati (Trans. by A. Coomaraswamy)

S.I.1005 Hindu Tales 
   by J.J. Meyer

S.I.1017 The Taking of Toll (Dana Lila of Rajendra --- tr. by A. Coomaraswamy)

S.I.1028 The Jataka;vols.I-IV and Index; Cambridge University [[?]]

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