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Tibetan Manuscripts

S. I. 324. Der Roman einer Tibetischen Königin.
By Berthold Laufer.

S. I. 879. The Nichols Mo-so Manuscript.
By Berthold Laufer.

S. I. 885. Melanges.
Three Tokharian Bagatelles.
By Berthold Laufer.

S. I. 886. The Language of the Yue-chi or Indo-Scythians.
By Berthold Laufer.

Tizac H. d'Ardenne de.

S. I. 794. L'Art Bouddhique.

S. I. 795. English translation of L'Art Bouddhique.

S. I. 813. Parisia.

Tokuno, T.

S. I. 765. Japanese Wood cutting and Wood cut painting.

Toyokuni und Seine Zeit.

S. I. 413 ) By Friedrich Succo - 2 copies.
414 )

Tompkinson, Michael.

S. I. 205)
         ) 2 vols. A Japanese Collection.
S. I. 206)

Tredwell, Winifred Reed.

S. I. 396. Chinese Art Motives Interpreted.

Tressan, Marquis de

S. I. 815. La Peinture en Orient et en Extrême Orient.
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