Proceedings of the Board of Regents Meetings, 1946-1964

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SI staff had left during World War II, many to serve in the military, leaving the Institution understaffed. 1946, with the war over, the whole country was trying to find a new "normal." The work week had been reduced from 48 hours to 40, deepening the impact of a national institution operating at 80% staff. This set of Board of Regents meeting minutes opens with discussions on how to move the United States National Museum forward in the postwar era. It closes with the opening of a new museum, the National Museum of History and Technology in 1964 almost two decades later. Between the covers of this volume are so many more subjects that received the thoughtful attention of Smithsonian Secretary Leonard Carmichael and the Regents. Join with fellow Transcription Center "volunpeers" to transcribe these records and make it easier for researchers to hone in on the pages with the material in which they are interested.

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