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[[image of wrecked plane]]
[[handwritten text]] Charles Hamilton in a smash up in stunt flying in February 1912 at Galveston Texas (personal injury - broken collar bone, [[?]])[[/handwritten text]]

[[image of two men examining wreckage]]
[[handwritten text]]Studensky inspecting the damage on Hamilton's plane[[/handwritten text]]

[[newspaper clipping]]



Hamilton Had Escaped Death in Many Accidents While Flying.

[[image - Charles K. Hamilton]]




NEW YORK, January 22.-Charles K. Hamilton, who gained fame as an aviator by flying from New York to Philadelphia and return, died suddenly to-day at his home in this city. His wife was aroused by Hamilton's groaning and she hurriedly summoned a physician. But the aviator was dead before the doctor reached the house. The cause of death was internal hemorrhage. Hamilton was 28 years old and has been in poor health for more than two years. During his career as an aviator he had many accidents. His collar bone was broken twice, two ribs were fractured, his left arm was dislocated, his right knee cap fractured, both legs dislocated and he suffered other minor injuries.

[[/newspaper clipping]]
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