Paul Studenski Collection - Scrapbook labeled Reminiscences of a Flier: To My Wife for Whom I Discontinued Flying

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This collection contains two scrapbooks and the personal papers of Dr. Paul Studenski, an early aviator who flew from 1910-1913. Born in St. Petersburg, Studenski studied law and medicine before earning the 292nd license from L'Aero Club de France. He immigrated to the United States in 1911 and exercised his prodigious flying skills as instructor, test pilot and exhibition pilot before retiring from flying to distinguish himself in the fields of economics and government service. Please note that some of the materials within this collection are in Russian, including some pages written/printed in Cyrillic. For these transcriptions a Cyrillic keyboard and a working knowledge of this language may be required. Reach out with any questions.

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