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damaged materials. Roofing work includes the removal and replacement of existing surfaces and underlayments, due to blistered or expanded conditions caused by weathering. Some of the locations requiring work include the Fine Arts and Portrait Galleries Building, the Natural History Building, the Arts and Industries Building, and the Renwick Gallery.

Precast concrete has been selected as a replacement for the natural stone exterior of the Renwick Gallery which is deteriorated and in hazardous condition. This alternative is expected to reproduce a facade of acceptable equality and durability at an estimated cost of approximately $3,100,000. The $600,000 requested in FY 1980 will be used to prepare full-scale plaster models of the stonework, preparation of forms for concrete castings, and partial stone replacement. The balance of required funds will be sought in FY 1981 ($1,000,000) and FY 1982 ($1,500,000).

A phased project has been the repair and waterproofing of the Museum of History and Technology terrace. It is anticipated that about $200,000 will be obligated for this purpose in FY 1980 and that approximately $320,000 of work will remain to be done in FY 1981. During the planning period, terrace repairs and exterior caulking and waterproofing also will be started at the Air and Space Museum and the Hirshhorn Museum. Total roof and facade needs over this planning period are expected to cost around $12,100,000, including about $2,700,000 to complete the exterior restoration of the Arts and Industries Building.

[[underline]] Utility Systems Repairs and Improvements.[[/underline]] The Institution's investment in the operation, maintenance, and upgrading of its plant heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and humidity control equipment (HVAC) is singularly important to daily activity in each museum and gallery, and to the specimens and artifacts requiring a stable environment. The need to make yearly replacements and repairs to steam and chilled water lines and equipment, air handling equipment, and to upgrade humidity systems in all but the newest buildings is increasing annually. These activities are integral to safe and energy efficient operation of all Institution buildings. Beginning in FY 1981, the Institution will identify these needs, as well as building plumbing and electrical systems, separately in its budget.

Principally due to age, HVAC and electrical equipment replacement at the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of History and Technology will require $200,000 to $300,000 each annually over this planning period.

In FY 1980, about $64,000 will be used to construct a new chilled water supply and return line for the Freer Gallery. Chilled water will be supplied from the newly installed Arts and Industries Building air conditioning system which was designed with excess capacity. Completion of a rehabilitation of the Freer's HVAC systems is planned for FY 1981 and 1982, and is expected to cost approximately $700,000. Also in FY 1980, about $270,000 will be used to plan and design a multi-year