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replacement and upgrading of almost the entire HVAC systems at the Fine Arts and Portrait Galleries. Presently, this building and its contents suffer with poor ventilation and inadequate control of temperature and humidity. The total cost for this project is anticipated to be in excess of $4,000,000 and might require 3 or more years for completion. 

At this time it is anticipated that utility system repairs and improvements will cost approximately $11,300,000 between FY 1981 and FY 1985. 

[[underline]] Other Projects [[/underline]]

[[underline]] Fine Arts and Portrait Galleries [[/underline]]

The Portrait Gallery, the Collection of Fine Arts, and the Archives of American Art continue to seek improvement and greater utilization of all space available in the old Patent Office Building. These efforts are a continuation of the original restoration and extend to the basement and garage areas of the building. Presently, conversion of the FAPG parking garage for museum purposes has undergone only preliminary planning and is expected to cost in excess of $1,000,000. This project is planned for FY 1984-1985 and is considered necessary in addition to planning for acquisition of the Trade Commission Building. 

[[underline]] Chesapeake Bay Center for Environmental Studies [[/underline]]

Present facilities at the Chesapeake Bay Center include a renovated dairy barn with a new laboratory wing addition, and education and dormitory building, several small farm buildings which provide for storage and vehicle and boat maintenance, and several trailers. 

The dairy barn building was renovated between 1969 and 1971 with funds from the Old Dominion Foundation and it then provided the main administrative and laboratory space. In 1974, a request was made for foundation support and other private funds to construct an education building to be used to house students and provide for public programs, workshops and seminars. This facility was completed in 1975. Because of increases in the Center's staff after 1971, and a lack of additional space in the Old Dominion Building, all of the subsequent new staff were housed in trailers acquired on surplus. These proved to be generally inferior for research use. 

Currently, the Bay Center has developed a phased facilities renovation and improvement plan which provides (in a modular fashion) additional space for research, education, administration, and services as they are required. Phase I of this six-phase program was constructed in FY 1978 and FY 1979 with approximately $548,000 of nonappropriated funding, and provides 5,000 square feet for chemical laboratory needs. Phase II construction, a maintenance and shop building, will soon be started using   
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