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A Puzzle

[[image - drawing of eye drawn on a blade of a hand saw]] a little [[image - drawing of boy's head]] stan [[image - drawing of bell]] on the [[image - drawing of man rowing a boat]] -d- [[image - drawing of man's arm]] viewing a sm- [[image - drawing of awl]] thistle wh- [[image - drawing of crossed hands and arms]] he D-sired to [[image - drawing of goose with knife in it on man's lap]]  When he had [[image - drawing of woman's head in bonnet]] [[image - drawing of knife held in hand slicing bread]] -al attempts 2 the discom- [[image - drawing of fort with flag]] of his [[image - drawing of hand]] & still persevered, though crying with pain, I [[image - drawing of ass]] -ked him why (when there was golden- [[image - drawing of rod]] [[image - drawing of brewhouse with words LAGER BEER]] a - [[image - drawing of bun with a cross on it]] []image - drawing of ballerina]] ) he wanted this prickly [[image - drawing of flour being sifted]]

"I am [[image - drawing of person speaking to a group]] to [[image - drawing of horse in harness]] it up because it stung my [[image - drawing of leg]] ," said he, [[image - drawing of eyes]] ing and rubbing his i i i.  Just then a B at-[[image ^]]-ed him, and he gave up in des- [[image - drawing of a pear]]  
[[image - drawing of man sowing seed]] I c- [[image - drawing of bow and arrow]] to his aid, and carried off the thistle with a [[image - drawing of woman sweeping]] of my [[image - drawing of sickle]] and [[image - drawing of washing on line]] -ed his [[image - drawing of part of floor]].


Transcription Notes:
Deciphering the puzzle - Please add to it: (I saw) a little (boy) stan(ding) on the (row)d re(viewing) a sm(awl) thistle wh(itch) he (D)esired to pluck. When he had (hat) (sever)al attempts to the discom(fort) of his hand and still persevered though crying with pain, I (ass)ked him why when there was golden (rod) [[brewing?]] a (bun) (dance) he wanted this prickly [[(drifter?)]] "I am [[(attending)?]] to (pull]] it up because it stung my (leg)," said he (crying) and rubbing his i's). Just then a B a(tac)ed him,and he gave up in des(pair) Farmer J c-(aim) to his aid, and carried off the thistle with a (sweep) of my (scythe) and (dry)-ed his (tiers). [mandc: first I guessed "dried his bleachers" which gave me "tears" (tiers).]

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