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[[strikethrough]] MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
62nd Day       Texas Independence Day             304 Days to come


dens, with dim lights & soft music, & [[strikethrough]] I shar [[/strikethrough]] handsome champions around every corner. [[strikethrough]] some [[/strikethrough]] So much romance & glamour abounds above my head! Wherever I go I think of mummies letter which said that she & Daddy used to come & stay here with Hanfstaengle [[Hanfstaengel]] years ago, & I wonder if they have been where I am at that moment. She said he would be so proud if he had known how far I had gone in the skiing world, but I [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] have hardly justified that! He would be ashamed that I have had such wonderful teaching & opportunities & time in which to get good, & am not even racing! Well the race course is awful & thank my stars I'm not racing.

I am such a coward in skiing these days, & get so little fun out of it, & do it so badly, & feel so sick at the thought of racing that I am ashamed to wear my Olympic badge & walk with the parade before Hitler tomorrow. Maxie [[Maxi]] Herber is staying at our pension as I said before--& she is a real beauty, in a

[[strikethrough]] TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
63rd Day                              303 Days to come


delicate immobile Grecian way, with a sulky expression & manner. We watched the skating practice (the fact that I am on the Olympic "eight" gets me front seats free everywhere) yesterday, & it was so beautiful and exciting to watch. One thing about skaters is that they only need to learn to skate on ice, & skiers have to learn how to ski on snow as well as ice. The course here is terrible - all ice from top to bottom, with one perpendicular hill of ice which is impossible. Speed in order to pass over ice is the only hope, & if you can't hold the speed there is nowhere to slow up on except with a fall. It is mean to send these nice girls over it, & so many people have cracked up, including Annie Ruegg [[Anny Rüegg]]. Every fat man here you can be sure is a Bobsled Runner, as they have spent months of eating in order to get down faster with their weight, & the Japs & the Turks make such wide snow plows down the race course that no-one can pass them, & there is a huge

[[marginalia, top]] A magazine writer who was introduced to me said upon hearing my name "oh yes - you are the girl who did the [[strikethrough]] a magazine w [[/strikethrough]] Christmas card that Maribel Vincent sent to me this year, of the Pekinese dogs fancy skating." I was amused! [[/marginalia, top]]

Transcription Notes:
Maxi Herber, German Olympic skater.

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