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[[strikethrough]] TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
238th Day    128 Days to come

to continue about the Irishman - [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] we first went to the 'Gay Nineties' which he didn't like - & suggested a place on 3rd ave. I tried to get the number the street it was on, & he wasn't sure, & when I said "is it anywhere between 20th St & 80th St"? He said "oh yes - that's the  one!" I [[strikethrough]] wrote K a [[/strikethrough]] keep writing to K in up & downs - & luckily the one thing that can follow a down is an up, but when I am up  I am frightened of the impending down! I shouldn't write him in a down, but cant deprive the paper to go out into the world & end up so happily. I wonder if he has struck any depressed areas lately, but I know he [[strikethrough]] will [[/strikethrough]] can tickle the piano [[strikethrough]] if he does [[/strikethrough]] until his mood is changed when that happens. I suggest his playing Tyrolean,& Schubert & Negro songs - for they are easy on the eyes, ears & fingers. I refuse to sway him about sailing over here this summer, because if it didn't more than reward him I'd always feel as if I had done him wrong financially, vacationally & emotionally - It is a big gamble.

[[strikethrough]] WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
239th Day   127 Days to come
June 5th

[[strikethrough]] I als [[/strikethrough]] Hail to the Queen Mary - & hail to the fact that she didn't strain her virgin engine by lowering herself to beat the silly 'Normandie' on her honeymoon voyage with the ocean - she will do it when she gets warmed up. Hail to her because she will make a fine solid wife (though being English she lacks the European style & Beauty of the [[strikethrough]] Europ [[/strikethrough]] German French & Italian ships) who can stand up to the moods of her ocean husband, but most of all because she brought me a most adorable letter from K. Ellen brought it in with a knowing look in her eye, & I said "it isn't as thick as it looks because it is written on Bath Club paper," & she said "but its the quality not the quantity that counts," & lo & behold I found it a prize package of both! He keeps begging me to go over there [[strikethrough]] for thos [[/strikethrough]] - but [[strikethrough]] if I went [[/strikethrough]] when I play with the thought I begin to wonder when & if I would ever get back? I would damn the end of my week of balls with him so much that the

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