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[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
250th Day  13th Sunday after Trinity  116 Days to come
Battle of Marne 1914


whom I never see often these days - & we talked till 3. She was more sympathetic & restful than usual - & I always adore her. She told me delightful stories about the tough women who [[strikethrough]] tol [[/strikethrough]] entertained her when she gave her concert in Scardale which went well. Those women tell their life histories to people they've never seen before - & I know the type from models. They always make me wonder what they [[strikethrough]] they [[/strikethrough]] say to people they have seen before? 

The evening before Martha's I spent with Kaier & Jonas Lie's daughter Sonja & another attractive Norwegian. We had cocktails & the Lie's, but Jonas was away, & we dined [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] in the elite back yard of 'LaChaumière' on the best food in N.Y. Sonja is very bright & amusing & experienced for her age - 19. She is rather cheap, but most attractive I think - & I felt we all got on unusually well. She has delightful spontaneity & enthusiasm & quick wits - & Kaier seemed sweet & dull & slow as ever. I never feel impatient & critical with him

[[strikethrough]] MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
251st Day  Labor Day  115 Days to come


though because I feel is is defeated by tragedies & his own unselfish lack of push - & his super aristocratic resignation which so many foreigners have - & it is hard for him to be among strange people & languages because he isn't quick enough to be able to keep up with them. Ellen & I went to the Ivory Soap exhibit [[strikethrough]] & were app [[/strikethrough]] at Radio City & were downfallen to find the room filled with only the prize winners, & a few extras - & our names not among the winners. But as we looked around we came upon all our things - her two & my one peke - & I was so happy for her as well as myself, except she is such a successful beginner! There were 4500 entries - & they are only showing 700 there including the many winners - so we are not ashamed. She had them photographed at my suggestion - & is very happy about it. And so to town - after a nice day with Lu & Liz & Dodie & Livy - & a lovely evening ahead. Popeye The Sailor is now singing a most appropriate tune over the radio:

You're nothing
You're nothing but a nothing
You're nothing but a nothing
You're nothing but a nothing
You're not a thing at all!

(written according to the tune)

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