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[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
264th Day  15th Sunday after Trinity  102 Days to come

June [[strikethrough]] 18 [[/strikethrough]] 22

Vinton & Billie Delano & others have just dined here. The latter was charmingly simple & sympathetic, & though he is very happy to be directing the Architectural part of the World's Fair he is still very frail & hardly up to it. He says it won't get political thank goodness - & later he & Vint talked with the result that Vint thinks he is very immature. Vint & I talked later - & he [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] has such a justified (with his mind) intolerance of the sloppyness & carelessness in people around him & their actions & thoughts that he will never be happy. He likes to see a dumb crowd for a vacation now & then, or he sees the few people he can mentally golddig on their subjects - otherwise what's the use. 

He can't talk except alone with someone - & with me I know it is difficult because the only thing I know about & could offer him is art which he is not interested in. He is almost in a world of his own above everyone else's minds - & I hate to think

[[strikethrough]] MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
265th Day  St. Matthew 101 Days to come


where he'll be in a few years. I adore him, just by instinct as well as with tremendous admiration, & I know he likes me though I am no good to him, [[strikethrough]] be [[/strikethrough]] so I hope we will always see each other. Grace was difficult & didn't come as usual. She is someone whom I can see growing deafer [[strikethrough]] & [[/strikethrough]] as her beauty is fading, & finally comitting suicide, unless she has children, or divorces Vint & remarries.  [[strikethrough]] He would [[/strikethrough]] It must be very depressing to live with his uncompromising standard if one is [[strikethrough]] ordinary [[/strikethrough]] average like Grace. I asked him about the stock market for Kenneth, & he said anyone who is naïve enough not to know that no one can tell over here, it isn't worth answering. I told him he was the normal son of the psychologist, & how dull an [[strikethrough]] that was [[/strikethrough]] accomplishment that was for his mother who spends her life making more people normal, & he said it must be hard to be normal in an abnormal world! I can't write much - but this last week has consisted of
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