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Approaching the mountains he ran into near gale winds that really buffeted his about. After sticking with it for about a half an hour, he gave up and landed in a clearing near the foothills resulting in a smashup which partially wrecked his plane, although he was not hurt. The next morning his mechanics helped get the plane out and they decided it could not be rebuilt with spare pats they had except the lower wings, for which they wired to Dayton. This repair work was done at Colfax, California, and on September 23rd he was ready to start. After less than an hour in the air he was bak at Colfax, stopped again by dangerous winds near the mountains. September 24th he tried for the third time and this attempt was more [[strikethrough]] lucky [[/strikethrough]] fortunate, but after flying about 40 miles he was forced down with an overheated engine at Emigrants Gap. Landing in a small pasture he damaged the plane again and repairs took two days. On September 28th he took off and climbed to 7,000 feet trying to get across the mountains, but again he was forced down by overheating, and damaged a wheel in landing. This time he has also damaged the engine, and it was apparent the radiator was inadequate for altitude flying. 

By this time Fowler was convinced he would not be able to fly over the lofty Sierra Nevada Mountains, she decided to ship his plane to Los Angeles and attempt to fly the southern route around the mountains. At Los Angeles they gave the plane and engine a thorough overhaul, and on October 18th he started again from Fremont Park at 4:55 P.M. For the trip he had fitted the machine with a sort of body-windshield to protect him somewhat from the cold. This time he got under way and his start was successful. The course of his flight was as follows:

|Left Los Angeles, Cal.|October 19, 1911|Ar. Beaumont, Tex.|December 7, 1911| 
|Ar. Pasadena, Cal. October 19, 1911|Ar. Lake Charles, La.|December 17, 1911|
|Ar. Riverside, Cal.  October 21, 1911|Ar.New Orleans, La.|December 31, 1911|
|Ar. Yuma, Ariz.  October 25, 1911|Ar.Mobile, Ala.|January 11, 1912|
|Ar. Tucson, Ariz.  October 30, 1911|Ar. Brantley, Ala.|January 20, 1912|
|Ar. Douglass, Ariz.  November 3, 1911|Ar. Bainbridge, Ga.|February 6, 1912|
|Ar. El Paso, Tex.  November 13, 1911|Ar. Jacksonville, Fla.|February 8, 1912|
|Ar. Fort Worth, Tex.  November 27, 1911|Ar.  Pablo Beach, Fla.|February 15, 1912|
|Ar. Houston, Tex.  December 2, 1911|  |   |

Fowler broke the American duration record, unofficially, when he was in the air 4 hours, 26 minutes between Yuma and Maricopa, Arizona.  Camera man Ed. R. Shaw rode with him on the flight and made some remarkable pictures with his "moving

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