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Oct. 9, 1980                   

Tape #6 of 6
Tech: Nick Hawes

        W. Guy Bruce - banjo, vocals
Song #6 - "Black-Eyed Susie" - [starts late][Black Eyed Suzy]
                banjo, vocals
Song #7 - "I'm a Free Little Bird As I Can Be" [Free Little Bird]
                banjo, vocals
        [strikethrough] #8 [[strikethrough]]+ talk by Bruce
        #8 - "Shout Lulu" _________ banjo, vocals

        #9 - "John Henry" - banjo, vocals   

        [strikethrough] #10[[strikethrough]] (GA., cont.)
        Jimmy Lee Harris - guitar, vcl.
        Neil [Neal] Pattman - harmonica, vcl.

        #10 - "Weather Gettin' Cloudy. That's a
                Good Sign of Rain" -
                   Pattman - harmonica, vcl.
        #11 - "Mellow Peaches" -
                   Pattman - harmonica, vcl.
        #12 - "You Don't Want Me No More"
                   Harris - guitar, vcl.
        #13 - "Bad Whiskey, Bad Women Sure(?)
               Get A Poor Boy Down"
                   Harris - guitar, vcl.
        #14 - "Mama Hootin' Blues" -
                   Pattman - harmonica, vcl.
        #15 - "Disco Twist" -
                   Pattman - harmonica, vcl.
        #16 - "John Henry" -
                   Harris - guitar
                   Pattman - [[underling]]vocal[[/underline]]

                          DAY [circled]
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