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National Air Races
Executive Offices  Union Commerce Blog., Cleveland
Telephone Prospect 5480 Cable Address "Natairace"
19th Annual World Premier Air Classic
National Air Races Cleveland Sept 2 3 4
L. W. Greve, President   Parker Hill, Secretary
F. C. Crawford, Vice Pres.   J. C. McHannan, Treasurer
Clifford W. Henderson   Phil T. Henderson
Managing Director   Business Manager
August 11, 1939
Captain Gill Robb Wilson
State Aviation Director
State House
Trenton, New Jersey

Dear Gill:

This communication will review and confirm out long distance phone conversation at Mr. Vince Bendix home in South Bend, having to do with the official finish of the Bendix Transcontinental Race contestants at Bendix Airport, Bendix, New Jersey.

Under Separate cover, you are being forwarded a copy of the official rules and regulations covering the competitive events of the 1939 National Air Races

The technical and official finish of all Bendix racers continuing to the East Coast in an effort to establish a new competitive Transcontinental record, is in strict compliance with the original rules and regulations as approved by the National Contest Committee of the N.A.A. The official timing as you will notice, is accomplished by a flying finish. Therefore, the recommendations and instructions which you will find it advisable to give the pilots in the interest of their own safety in no manner effects the official Transcontinental record attempts.

Frankly, I believe it would lead to confusion in the public mind if you made any mention of the planes for landing at an airport other than Bendix, New Jersey, at this time. However, all contestant pilots will be advised of the present condition of the runways at the Bendix, New Jersey Airport several hours prior to their departure from Union Air Terminal, Burbank and each will be advised to land at Floyd Bennett Field after effecting a diving finish at Bendix, New Jersey. Because of the possible confusion in publicity, I don't think it is advisable to let any of the New York newspaper men know of this recommendation until a few hours before the Bendix racers arrive at Bendix, New Jersey.

Herb Sharlock has just forwarded a memo indicating the plans of the Bendix Company to provide a chartered bus to take the New York newspaper men to Floyd Bennett Field for pictures, interviews, etc.

Obviously, the official N.A.A. timers will function at Bendix, New