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[[image - a black-and-white photograph of a lake, glued to the upper left corner of the page, with caption]]
[[underlined]] Mountain Pond [[/underlined]]

to leaving for our tent. This I had pitched the preceding day at Mountain Pond.

Mountain Pond is a small lake about 500 feet above the level of Fourth Lake and a mile north of it. This lake I had selected for its beauty and its wildness. Situated high up on a plateau, visited seldom by mankind, its swampy and woody shores filled with rare flowers for the botanist and with frogs and mushrooms for the hungry tramped, a lake with clear cold water which the deer come down to drink every morning and evening, it is an ideal spot. and we had planned to make it our home for a few days before starting on our northernttrip.

We left Cohasset about eight that evening, our canoe laden with a large sized travelling-bag, two suit cases and two baskets with the provisions purchased that day. The smoke, still hanging over the lake and obliterating the opposite shore, made it somewhat difficult to strike the exactvspot at which we wished to la land.

Rock Fern Lodge was our destination.

[[image - a black-and-white photograph of a middle-aged woman, standing near a canoe with a lake behind her, her hand touching her chin; glued to the bottom right corner of the page, with caption]]
Mrs. Eckler