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[[Label]] Andrus & Church
Booksellers, Stationers,
Printers & Binders,
No. 41 E. State Street,
ITHACA, N. Y. [[/label]]
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Tully, Onandaga Co. N. Y., -
Saturday, August 18, 1888.
I have, today, verifed the presence of Tully Limestone about a mile up the small stream that runs the gristmill at Tully; but I do not yet find it on that line [[underlined]] in situ [[/underlined]]. In several places, I find large blocks of it, which have been undermined by the water, and let down some feet.
West of the ville, about half a mile, on the land of George W. Gardiner, I find, [[underlined]] in situ [[/underlined]], at the head of a small spring branch, 50 rods north of Mr Payne's barn.
Here the exposure is in three sections. From the bottom of the first to the bottom of the second is 5ft + 5in. From
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