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[[top of page]] [[underlined]] belcheri[[/underlined]], November 7, 1955, II
[[encircled page number]]23[[/encircled page number]]
[[cross-hatchings all down left margin of page]]
[[page start]]
Bill pointed very strongly upward in "aux" V. [[blotted-out]]. Eye semi-closed, in at least one case. Carpal joints visible, but not held out very far.

Voice of this species quite "large Larus" in type. Perhaps particularly reminiscent of fuliginosus. Rather nasal. 

Quite prone to give LCN's in flight. Usual postures. 

Have seen one, rather slight, swoop & soar. About as extreme as the most extreme Ring-bill patterns. Swoop accompanied by series of loud, rather long, LCN's. No real L.C. or PCC.

Have seen several Trumpeting Calls, but not close enough or frequently enough to be able to describe in detail. Still, some aspects are obvious. HD is about vertical, head pointed straight down, not too stretched. 3rd phase O is rather like Herring Gull. Angle [[arrows showing angle mentioned, about 10-20 degrees]] like this, quite low, straight. [[underlined]] Neck not very stretched [[/underlined]][[underlined]] No sign of T or TT[[?]][[/underlined]]

All in all, this species seems surprisingly like the Herring Gull and unlike the Ring-bill

[[left margin asterisk]] [[side note - communal area]]  V+HF - HD - [[underlined]] O before attack -v after attack v before attack [[underline]]
[[underline]] v after attack [[underline]] ch. [[underline]] ch before attack -v after attack [[underline]] V.V. 

6[[circled 6]] MC  MC V-HF [[check marks above HF]] by [[female symbol]] V - HF - HD - O - V [[check marks above all previous characters]] by [[female symbol]]

Correction. Carpal joints [[underline]] held way out [[underline]] during HD

[[sketch-left margin: side view of gull with head and neck extended vertically downward with bill opened wide]]
[[sketch - bird bowing with head way down, frontal view]] [[underline]] Held out very little [[/underline]] during the succeeding O

All the Trumpeting Call performances I have seen so far have had only two phrases: HD - O

Lots of notes during O [[drawing of eight short horizontal lines each lower than the previous possibly indicating dropping pitch?]]

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Transcription Notes:
I think the crosshatching in the left margin all down the pages means something and could be considered a coded a series of editorial pictures by the author.

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