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I have had to work late every night to care for specimens.
We filled two boxes of insects, Nos. 675-6. This makes ten filled since leaving Suifu, and more left in unfilled boxes. Last night I mailed 4 boxes at Lu Din Chiao.
The altitude here seems to be about 5100 or 5200 feet.

July 15. We were given a royal welcome at Tatsienlu. The loads strung in until long after dark. We got one bird, and one mammal, no. 462. Filled boxes 677 and 678, insects, also 679, pinned insects. The altitude at Tatsienlu seems to be 8500 feet.

July 16. I worked hard all day, getting ready so that I could leave tomorrow on the big trip. Mr. Edgar, F.R.A.I., and F.R.G.S., and Mr. Urech, have given a great deal of valuable help, securing animals, purchasing supplies, etc. Dr. Andrews of the American Adventist Society also helped.
I visited the city magistrate. He is sending with us an interpreter who speaks Tibetan and Chinese.
The netters are using the gasoline lanterns tonight, and are getting a good number of moths.
We have engaged 17 saddle and pack animals. I had to have special boxes made for the trip.
I am exceedingly lucky in that I have an old missionary of the Tibetan border as a guide, Mr. Edgar, and also a Tibetan guide and interpreter besides the hel[[strikethrough]]f[[/strikethrough]]^[[p]] of an English-speaking Tibetan who lives in Tatsienlu.
We have secured more good butterflies than on most trips.
The local magistrate is an old Suifu acquaintance, and is giving help and assistance.

July 17. Filled box 680 with insects secured by the lantern last night.
I packed as fast as I could, and we finally got away about noon. I was