David Crockett Graham - Diary no. 10, July 1930 - December 1930

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Missionary, educator and naturalist David Crockett Graham spent twenty years in the Szechuan (Sichuan) province of China, arriving in 1911. This field book is the tenth in his personal record of personal expeditions to collect specimens of mammals, birds, insects, snails and more for the United States National Museum. Covering July through December 1930, Graham describes the daily activities of his expedition to Tatsienlu (currently Lucheng) and the Szechuan-Tibet border region. He also describes packing specimens to be mailed, artifacts and ethnological and anthropological observations during this trip. Help us transcribe the typescript version this diary. Together this work helps us make his diary contents fully accessible to researchers and scholars online. The handwritten version can be seen here.

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