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  [[double underline]] Log Book [[/double underline]]   1
[[double underline]] 1906 [[/double underline]] 
 [[underline]] Mch 28 [[/underline]]
 Went to [[underline]] Chesapeake Beach [[/underline]] on 9.25 AM train. Weather dull, but cleared at noon. Collected from opposite R.R. station to about 1/2 miles South of commencement of Calvert Cliffs- Obtained about 100 pieces, midway the conjointed cevicals of a [[underline]] Balaeua [[/underline]] (?). Left a lrge number of vertebrae and some fragments of jaws etc, along the cliffs as could not carry so many- Got nothing out of the talus- all from the beach. One complete atlas, however, had just washed out of the bank at the angle just north of the Cliffs- there is a tree stump on the beach here + I put a number of vertebrae into it, which I could not carry. Tide very low-
 Returned on 2:15 P.M. train. Expenses: Car fares , 20[[underlined]] cts [[/underlined]]; RR. ticket, $1.00; lunch, 35 [[underline]] cts [[/underline]]
 [[underline]] April 11 [[/underline]]
Went to Ches. Beach on 9.25 AM train. Reached there at 11 AM. The tide according to the tide-tables showed have been low at noon, but it did not go down [[strikeout]] at [[/strikeout]] perceptible, up to 2 o'clock, when I left. The water being up, I did not find more than 15 or 20 good specimens on the