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four Natives on a piece
of ice with the four kayaks
and a dead Walrus, the Sea was breaking on the
ice; and wetting them.  Soon
it would have gone to
pieces; but we got them just
in time.  And people say 
there is no such thing as 
luck?  We anchored in the
Cove on the North Side of the
Cape.  The Glacier had changed
alot since first we went there
to build up the monument.
We were again fortunate in 
doing it when we did.  For
the face of the Glacier had changed
and it would have been much
more difficult now to have tried
hauling supplies up it.  The wind
blew a gale on the top; and the
dense white fog made it impossible
to take worth while pictures.
Most all the Lads went to the 
Top.  David Nutt and [[Balt Gastens?]],
Second Engineer, went gathering the