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a little rain. Gale ceased early in A.M. Later, fresh breeze with showers of rain at short intervals, cloudy and half clear by starts. P.M. go in search of the rock reported by Mr. Bailey, but the water is so high that we cannot find it. Evening Bar. 30.100. Ther. 38.

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1872
Weather |  Barom. | Thermometer | Wind
Stormy  | 29.585  |38 |40 | 34  | E&SE gale
Morning, gale, with snow which soon changes to rain. Moderates a little in the afternoon. Go ashore and set up tide guage. but some missing weights must be replaced before we can set it going. Evening Bar. 29.252. Ther. 36 Raining hard.

Thursday Jan. 25,
Cloudy  | 29.602 |31 |34 | 30 | NW3
Go to benchmark to establish height of water at new tidal station. The bench mark was six feet six inches above the water at the time the signal was given, and and at the
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wharf the water stood at 8.45 on the staff, 31 inches below the floor of the tideguage house. Set the pencil at this point, to obtain as nearly as possible the same conditions as those which existed previously at the other station. How well we have succeeded in this effort, time will show.
The priest whose experience in these matters, is large, informs me that the tide rips in the Akutan [[?]] and other passes occur about half tide, sometimes two three or even four times a day In Unimak Pass they occur only when NW or SE winds prevail. From Unalga Pass to Hiuluik [[?]] is half a tide. The tide wave comes from the eastward, rounds Kalekhra [[?]] Point passes to the west of Amaknak Island and east and north into Iliuliuk [[?]]Harbor I observed this morning that the current between [[strikethrough]] Iliuliuk [[/strikethrough]] Expedition Island and the
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