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[[line]] Wednesday Dec 10 [[line]]
Morning, down to office, send pkge.
to Uke by Wells Fargo. 2.30 P.M. go 
down to vessel with Dr. Steindachner
and look over fishes. The Dr 
afterwards dines with me. Call
at Lewis, Dr. Hewston & Capt Smith

[[line]] Thursday Dec 11 [[line]]
Down to office. See Rahsskopf.
Go over chart with Uhlig. Post letter to
Lt Davidson. Go in to Overland office &
see Carmany & get papers. P.M. dine
with Stearns, Prof. & Mrs. Davidson, & Dr.
Steindachner at Dr. Blakes.

[[line]] Friday Dec 12 [[line]]
Letter from mother with good news from
Sadie  Work at office over tracing of 
Kyska. Call on Barstow find him out
Take the 3 P.M. boat & go to Oakland
and call on the De Ros & Wilsons &
dine with them returning at 10.20

[[line]] Saturday Dec 13 [[line]]
Down to office. Rainy. Get tracing from
Belknap. work over sounding gear. P.M.
call on Mr. Avery and lose my umbrella

[[line]] Sunday Dec 14 [[line]]
Round to office & church & returned to office write letters & work on diagrams. P.M. dine at Capt. Noyes and call on the 
Olmsteds & Brannan's in the evening
and Miss Noyes & Mr. Smith