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the office & we read a lot of proof.
M'Kenna comes in & I introduce him
to Sangteller. Later in the day go 
down to Bucknam's and into Bowne's
then round to Mrs. Brannan's and
Miss Noyes', cal on Capt. Smith
and up to Bancrofts. Get a book
for Baker. Round to dinner
meet Bendel. Go through the [[Cala?]]
market and into the art gallery

Thursday Dec 25
Morning pleasant. Go to breakfast 
and round to office. Write letters
to Hilgard & Peirce. About noon go
round to Stearns for a while &
back to room. at 6 P.M. go to Hague's
to dine & spend the evening

Friday Dec 26
Breakfast & round to office.
Go down town & call on Whitney about 
fossil man. Show charts to Stickney
and Capt. Noyes, and return map to
Frost. Back to office & down to Bucknams.
Dine & call on the Brannan's with Miss Noyes.

Saturday Dec 27
Down to office, see McCollum &
give him data, & look over Smiths
shells. Go down to Bucknam's and
see about pattern of sounding shot.
Back to office. Dine & call on Stearns in P.M.