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415 (= var of 411)
Apatela like 411 on button ball bush Weehawken N. J. Sept 15, 1893.
Hd black with stiff white hair. [[?]]  bases of antennae yellowish. Body a little enlarged at 12, & bent Apatela [[like?]] at 4 - 5. Warts [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] large, remote, scarcely ant, [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] minute, post stig [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] - [[circled]] 6 [[/circled]] normal. Body deep black, a bright yellow s-d line broken into irregular spots situated [[mainly?]] in the [[incisure?]] obsolete at ends; a few small dots lat. on [[meisus?]]. A broad distinct band on s-s ridge, excavated above below spiracles then undulating, bright yellow, nearly [[discontinuous?]] over [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] wart [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] & [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] deep red, most [[distinctly?]] so centrally on body*, [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] vinous, [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] white, [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] - [[circled]] 6 [[/circled]] black. Spiracle white. Feet & [[venter?]] black. Hair short, sharp bristly not dense, white, slightly brownish s-d. (* where they are connected by a red shade) (It is  [[underlined]] oblinita [[/underlined]]. See Rileys note in Packard)