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[[circled, blue pencil]] Aug 8 1894 [[/circled, blue pencil]]

Calc. .26 .40 .60 .92 1.4  2.0 3.0 4.5 vat .66
Formed -  -  .6  1.0  1.4  2.2 3.

417 (J. Doll)
[[blue strikethrough]] Spilosoma-like larva of [[underlined]] Arachnis [[/underlined]] sp. [[insertion]] suffusa Schaus [[/insertion]]
[[underlined]] Eggs [[/underlined]] nearly spherical but with flattened base, somewhat conoidal, the apex slightly acuminate. Diam. .6 mm Of a fleshy brown or yellow color with a shiny pearly bluish lustre. X50 covered with large, shallow pits with ill defined edges, not sharp enough to form reticulation of the spaces between. [Would first head be about .35 mm?]
[[underlined]] Stage [[overwritten]] II [[/overwritten]] hd .6 [[/underlined]] very pale yellowish, shiny. large cluster of ocelli black, mouth brown a blackish shade at vertex. Scarcely bilobed, very slightly retracted below 2. Body normal, warts quite large but concolorous & inconspicuous, the hair bearing granules only black. Pale greenish yellow with a faint white dorsal line. C-Sh small, lens shaped, brownish On anal plate, warts [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] [[circled]] [[3?]] [[/circled]] on 3 - 4 and 12 tinged markedly with dark orange [[/blue strikethrough]]
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[[blue strikethrough]] from Guadaljara. Mex.
Hair [[fine?]], not abundant. of varying 
[[text obscured by loose page]]
Warts large, [[insertion]] pale [[granular?]] black [[/insertion]] concolorous [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] slight orange, distinctly so ant. & post esp on 12 Feet pale. Hair long, [[insertion]] bristly but [[/insertion]] fine, abundant, black & white [[/blue strikethrough]]

Transcription Notes:
first rough pass. Similar image without loose notes found later in this project (page 9). Should be consistent with this image - @siobhanleachman After some edits, made consistent with transcription on page 9. -@mnathan