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[[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] 

red-breasted blackbirds flies in, first lands in scrub, then moves on to adjacent eucalyptus trees, then moves away. Birds apparently alone. Don't attract any of the local residents of other species during the brief period that they are here. 

[[margin, red pencil]] Bari [[/margin]]]

6:17. Get back to CC-Brun-Bari area. [[male symbol]] Bari singing alone from perch on agave leaf. Then see [[female symbol]] Bari on agave leaf about 5 ft. away. Then a brief chase develops, presumably [[male symbol]] chasing [[female symbol]]. Silent. Then both birds disappear. 

[[margin, red pencil]] Bari [[/margin]]

[[male symbol]] Bari back singing 6:23. But it is now too dark to see well. 

February 10, 1964

Went exploring for roads up to higher areas at dawn this morning. Found some. Don't know how they will work. In any case, too late now (7:15 am.) to start mountain climbing, so will go back to area where mixed flock seen yesterday. Cloudy. No wind. Warm-ish.

See single red breasted blackbird alone.

Good heavens! See a single Yellow-bellied Seed eater alone! 

See a single bright [[underline]] bonariensis [[/underline]] with some other bird. Possibly [[underline]] cyanocephala [[/underline]]. Bright [[underline]] bonariensis [[/underline]] flies off. The other bird does not, I think, follow. 

[[margin, red pencil]] Brun [[/margin]] See single Brun alone. 

See single red breast alone again. 

Fog coming in 7:35.

[[margin, red pencil]] CC [[/margin]] There may be a CC singing in grove of Eucalypts. Invisible. No other diglossines singing at same time. 

Have seen several single thrushes and pairs of thrushes alone. All ap
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