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There are in the school several pupils, who have not pursued the full course of study prescribed, prefering to specialize in some one branch of manual training. Some of the girls desired to take Domestic Art and not Domestic Science. Some of the boys preferred Joinery, Wood Turning Machine Work, Forging or Engineering to all other subjects. Believing that the school exists for the pupils and not the pupils for the school, the principal thought it wise not to deprive such pupils of the advantages offered, but to allow them the opportunity to become proficient in their chosen specialty. Work in English and Mathematics suited to their needs and ability was prescribed and they were permitted to spend the rest of the time in the shops, in order that they might become proficient in the Manual Art elected. 

During the fourth quarter, the girls taking this work have been employed as dressmakers after school hours and on Saturday; some of them having earned enough money to purchase their graduating gowns. Four of the boys worked on the True Reformer building in course of erection at the corner of Twelfth and U Streets, N. W. 

These pupils will not receive diplomas, but will be given certificates showing the character of their work.


The fourth-year class has in Mr. N. A. D. a brilliant orator who would rather hear himself talk than listen to a Cicero or a Demosthenes. 

English teacher - "Major B., what have you prepared?"
Major B. - "An extemporaneous speech."

"What do you want?" is the question that all hear upon approaching the boiler and engine rooms. Then comes, "Get out!" Don't mind him, he's all steam. 


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By reason of its vital relation to the operation of the school and its thorough equipment, we have in this department an excellent opportunity for strong practical work. The plant consists of two 75 H. P. Heine Safety Boilers, with steam pumps, traps, inspirators mechanical stokers and other devices necessary to the safe and economical operation of the same, two direct-connected generators - one an American Ball and the other of the Westinghouse Compound type with switch-boards, calibrating instruments, magnetic circuit-breakers and various other necessities of maintenance.

The work of the beginner in this department is confined to the theory and practice of boiler management, after which he is advanced to the operation of steam machinery in its various forms. An opportunity is also given for some effective work in the handling of electrical apparatus. Close application to the work of this section will, it is hoped, sow the seed from which may be developed intelligent and practical engineers. 

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