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Sent Air Mail on 24 June 1966 to:

Dr. Edwin L. Tyson
Headquarters, U.S. Army Tropic Test Center
Fort Clayton, Canal Zone


"Ceremonial Mating Behavior in Uganda kob" by H.K. Buechner and R. Schloeth

Abstract: "Reproduction in Uganda kob with special reference to behavior" by H.K. Buechner, J.A. Morrison & W. Leuthold, from paper presented at Int'l Symp., London, 1964

Reprint from Science, Mar. 10, 1961, "Territorial Behavior in Uganda kob"

Reprint from Proceedings of Int'l Congress of Zoology, Vol. 3, Aug. 20-27, 1963, "Territoriality as a Behavioral Adaptation to Environment in Uganda kob" by H.K. Buechner

"Conservation of African Wildlife," Review by H.K. Buechner
"Regulation of Numbers of Pronghorn Antelope in Relation to Land Use", H.K. Buechner
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