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^[[recd 14 Dec]]

WASHINGTON, D. C.  20560 [[/preprinted]]

12 December 1966
% U. S. Embassy
Seoul, Korea

Dr. H. K. Buechner
Office of Ecology
Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D. C. 20560

Dear Hal,

Just a small note this time.  It seems that the money was sent to the Bank of Korea which is a clearing house and not a bank at all.  The Bank of Korea handles all foreign exchange.  Now the Smithsonian Institution, probably Mrs. Morgan must advise the bank what to do with the money. Dr. Kang says that the most convenient bank will be the Commercial Bank of Korea, Branch of Hewadong.  This is near the university.  I think Dr. Kang has written a letter to Mrs. Morgan but he has not said so.

My best judgment says that the place for the money is the Bank of America at the U. S. Embassy, but Dr. Kang does not want it there, probably because he cannot write checks on it.  That will be up to me.  Anyway, use your own judgment, and if you send it to the Embassy, do not mention that I suggested it.

There seemed quite a bit of consternation when DRS. Kang, Hong and Won learned that we had to keep close tabs on the money.  There was quite a bit of anxious talking in Korean which neither translated for me when I asked just what the problem might be.  After hearing other remarks, I think it is rather obvious what the problem was.

The accounting sheets have not arrived as yet.

As far as I know, the finance office has not paid me a single cent of per diem, expenses or for the airline tickets.  They are taking entirely too long.

I am getting some good date on rat^[[s]] in the DMZ now.  Will write more later.

Edwin L. Tyson
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