David Crockett Graham - Diary no. IV [4], July 1928 - August 1928 : Summer Expedition to Ningyuenfu

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In the summer of 1928, David Crockett Graham (1884-1961) took a break from his field collecting work in the vicinity of Suifu (now Yibin) in China to travel to Ningyuenfu (currently Xichang). Constantly documenting his experiences, he captured his experiences and, yes, collecting activities from this trip in this separate field book. Fourth in a series of of five field books, it begins six weeks into his Diary III notes. Graham provides a narrative description of daily activities including amounts and types of specimen collected along the route to modern day Xichang via modern day Ya'an including birds, mammals, snakes, and insects. Graham also conducts ethnological and anthropological research during this trip. No scientific names are provided.

Join with others and transcribe the typescript copy of Graham's diary and get a sense of the perspective of this missionary, educator and field collector had of China in the late 1920's. You can also take a look at Diary I or Diary II.

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