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Two equal stars.
Let K [[lines?]] be unequal, and let values of adl be a, b
dm be a',b'
Stars separate
% of total background of A cut off = a
% of total background of B cut off = b
When [[lines?]] separated we have for % drop 
a/A+B and b/A+B
When [[lines?]] together we have
[[strikethrough]] a + b/A+B [[/strikethrough]] a/A + b/B
Suppose A=B we have
a/2A, [[strikethrough]]+[[/strikethrough]] b/2A and a/A + b/A
% or light loss should be twice as great at single line

at separation, loss = 0 [[superscript]] omega [[\superscript]].25 0[[superscript]] omega [[\superscript]].23
=21% =19%
at single, loss = 0[[superscript]] omega [[\superscript]].52 = 38%
The max. value of al should only occur exactly at maximum and its duration should measure the intrinsic width of the line
Suppose A ≠ B we have
[[strikethrough]] a+b/A+B = x a/A + b/B = (?) [[/strikethrough]] a/A
a/A+B=x b/A+B=y a/A+b/B=z whence A
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