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[[underlined]] PRIZE LIST FOR THE FIESTA INDIAN MARKET [[/underlined]]


The New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs will award prizes for the nest articles in each class in the whole market, not to each pueblo as formerly.


[[underlined]] Large Storage Jars [[/underlined]] First, $10 Second, $5
[[underlined]] Large Water Jars [[/underlined]] ^[[✓]] First, $5 Second, $3 Third, $2 ^[[✓]]
[[underlined]] Canteens [[/underlined]] First, $3 Second, $2
^[[ ->]] [[underlined]] Modeled Animals, over 6" [[/underlined]] - First, $3 Second, $2 ^[[✓
Marie Cismeros - Santa Clara ✓ Stephanita Herrara - Coditi]]

Prizes for good innovations may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.


[[underlined]] Hand-Woven Dresses [[/underlined]] First, $10 Second, $5
[[underlined]] Hand-Woven Shoulder Robes [[/underlined]] First, $10 Second, $5
[[underlined]] Woman's Belt [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Ceremonial-type White Sash [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Embroidered Sash [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3

Prizes may be awarded for the innovations and miscellaneous articles at the discretion of the judges.


One prize of $5

^[[Encarwacion Peua - San Fedafonco ✓ Huruetewa Hopi
->]] [[underlined]] Group Painting [[/underlined]] ^[[->]] First, $10 Second, $5 Third, $3
^[[->]] [[underlined]] Single Figures [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3 ^[[✓]] Third, $2
^[[ [[strike through]] Huruetewa Hopi [[/strike through]] -> Kw-pe-nu Coduti]] JEWELRY ^[[Timi? Vigil. Tesuque]]

[[underlined]] Necklaces, silver [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Necklaces, stone or shell [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Belt, silver [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Bracelet, silver [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3

A very superior necklace or belt might receive a prize of $10.


[[underlined]] Yucca [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Willow [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second $3
[[underlined]] Other Material [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3


[[underlined]] Traditional Pueblo Moccasins [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second $3
[[underlined]] Tanned Skins [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3


[[underlined]] Katchinas [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3
[[underlined]] Other Wood-carving [[/underlined]] First, $5 Second, $3

Other objects of special merit of interest, not included in the above list, may be awarded prizes at the discretion of the judges, and the judges will not award prizes in any classification if, in the opinion of the judges, the articles exhibited are not of prize-winning quality.
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