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Wed - March 23'

small piles of refuse, some naked but for a loin cloth, listlessly sitting or lying in [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] dark, dirty doorway. The smell of urine & refuse. The hundreds of flies on the one piece of meat the butcher displays while he, himself reclines into a 3 ft. span with his barefeet to the spectator - The crowded caf├ęs, lit by single, glaring bulbs, the sidewalk impromptu groups 20 people, for example, sit & recline singly in the road, sometimes on gravel, which is clean, sometimes quite simply on the hard mud of the streets. All about them, the refuse of the day, the noise & bustle of the people, while they make quiet conversation amongst themselves. I saw only men & boys. The women are all in the home with the children.

Was terribly tired & went to bed by 10.30, as soon as I got back to the hotel.

Karachi   Thursday March 24-

Had the first nights' rest in a long while. And, although unwell, feel refreshed. After breakfast, took



Thursday March 24   

a motorcycle for a few hours, & drove about the city again and the market places, taking photographs. Everywhere I took one, huge crowds gathered, everyone wanting to be photographed, & laughing good humouredly. Again, the teeming life of the city assaults one, to see the camels drawing the huge carts, sometimes several of them in one narrow street, jangling their bells, past the bullocks & goats & hens in the doorways, here & there the oxdrawn carts, horses & carriages, bycicles, everyone shouting & cursing, the vendors of food & all kinds of merchandise making conversation, swatting flies, or sitting pathetically, half dozing on their little bits of space, the burning, scorching sun over the city, people lying about in the sun, faces covered with rags - not even a spot of shade (a luxury) to hide in. I felt like crying out to them all - "Good people, forgive me."

Came back to rest, bathe, lunch - Will go out again, this afternoon, after I ascertain my flight at 4 PM.
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