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Nicocea, Cyprus.  

Sat. March 26'

Spent the afternoon, till 6.45 when I left for the airport, walking & talking with Peter. Peter  Kellond, 184 Glenesk Road, Eltham, London, L.E. 9.

He amazed me, literally, by what he had to say. He had invited me to have a drink, & then, "Did you know how I felt when I approached you yesterday on the terrace? If you were not leaving today, I would never take the liberty to tell you this, but I want you to know, my heart was beating so, my hands were trembling when I lit your cigarette. Do you know that you affect men so?

He went on to tell me of his friends & in-laws in Rome. Told me I reminded him very much of the Princess Borghese (He is one of the wealthiest men in Rome) "You will be going to all the places I tell you about, he said


Nicocea, Cyprus.  

March 26

'How can you be sure,' I replied - "Well, your face is your passport. You know how beautiful you are, I am sure! I must tell you this, I can't help it besides I may never see you again, & I have the feeling this is most important. If you were to ask me at this moment, "Do you love me", I would have to answer yes." I can't explain it.

We sat on the terrace talking - till I was ready to go. "Must you go, Anna? If I ever meet you again, I won't say hello, I shall simply take you in my arms & kiss you. This while he was almost in tears. It was a beautiful emotion on his part - difficult to understand, because I hadn't encouraged it in the least.

I must not forget his description of Africa & the life there. The climate, the terrible heat & illnesses it causes, also the influence of the sun, the naked bodies & the primitive life on the whites. He compares most of the
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