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May 15

1978 - Monday - 50 ˚ at 6 AM. Flood - Brown water over weeping birch & veg garden. 6 white geese swam in at breakfast tie. Wood duck female ate corn - haven't seen male in weeks. I worked at Greenhouse 9 - 12 - creosoted new wood of fence - bought 5 locks for Garden Mart. Wes polished balance and nozzle lamp.
Vee Grenier, Window washer, here 2 - 4:30. We cleaned breezeway furniture. Eileen returned from Paris. Light rain p.m.

1979 - Friday - 50˚ at 6 AM. Foggy - burned off to a beautiful day. Hobby hour first thing in the morning. Wes brought dirt to new terrace step and filled transplant holes at barn and bank. I deadheaded, trimmed junipers, picked asparaagus. After lunch we cut grass - very long in places. Tried to catch fresh squirrel but caught grackles and cardinal instead. Fertilized big lawn - looks yellow. Five male Mallards around - one pair is chased off. (1/2 inch RAIN I gauge)

1980 - Ascension Thursday - 36˚ at 6 AM - clear, beautiful morning - worked outdoors all day.
Wright Tree ,en sprayed for gypsy moth. Wes  raked all lawn - I picked up clippings. Deadheaded narcissis at reburment garden - put "Naughty Duck" in the bird bath. Set up birdbath at barn -edged pacysandra (pachysandra) there - pu out white bench - took evergreen branch from window box - put ivy in. Wes set up pond pump.

1981 - Friday - 58˚ at 6 AM Off and on rain. Freeman here to walk grounds - measure roons - discuss buying breezeway furniture & refrigerator. Will let us know see then. No rain while they were here. I bought strawberries at Basics - milk & Cream at Marcus for tomorrow's birthday party. Wes came to buy some garden tools. To Bogus  - top floor being framed. Picked out roof material. Sprayed Japanese Maple & other trees for gypsy worm.

1982 - Saturday - at Shelbourne - beautiful day - Breakfast at 7:30 - to Museum about 9 o'clock - spent day there - beautiful ground area exhibits - cafeteria for lunch - walked back to Inn at 4 o'clock for a nap - to Mass at St Cathherines 5:15 - dinner at Inn - bed.
Lilacs and crabapple trees in profuse bloom.

May 16

1978 - Tuesday - 47˚ at 6 AM - Light rain. At 4 pm yesterday 3.75 inches of rain.
To Lexington Gardens - bought Geranium & Ivy - - Petunias - Candytuft - Planted pots but kept them in garage as rain started again at 2 o'clock.
Made telephone calls to Garden members reminding them of Tables promised for Saturday's sale.
To Millicent & Mark Sattler's at 5:30 for a drink.

1979 - Wednesday - 53˚ at 6 AM - Foggy morning became beautiful day - cool - mostly sunny with lovely clouds. To Ballard Greenhouse Garden - but Holly tone on Ilex and Laurel - deadheaded - trimmed. To Talbots to pick up dress & jacket & Old Mauve [[?]].
Wes placed big stone in front pond back - trimmed dead limb from front pond juniper - took out wild rosebush at overflow. Played golf first time  ($150 plus $100) Killed more tent caterpillars. I dug Trillium from Jackson property. with Dolly Weltman at 4 pm - shopped Brunetti

1980 Friday - 34˚ at 6 AM. Beautiful day - best this year.  Busy. I worked at Memorial Garden - taking plants for donation first - to Joan Minot's re her Hatford trip on 20th (Gavel) left our trough and Veronica plants - bought birthday present (nightie & coat) for Mary - had haircut - shopped Stop & Shop for groceries - home for lunch. Wes used weed eater. Opened strip before little hedge - leveled it with stones & soil - replaced sod. I planted lettuce - transplanted tomatoes into larger pots. Painted grill

1981 - Saturday - 56˚ at 5:45 - Cloudy. 1.10 inch in rain gauge before breakfast. Some very light showers during day but nothing measureable.
Worked Ballard Garden Mart 8:30 - 12 Home for lunch and quick nap. Eileen & Mary here at 2 for Mary's Birthday celebration. Picked lily of the valley- lilacs - lettuce - rhubarb. Had steaks cooked by Wes. To Bogus walked thru house - roof now framed except over garage and shop. Decided on new roof order - more grey as first not available.

1982 - Sunday - at Shelbourne, Vermont - cloudy. few sprinkles - not much. After breakfast packed - checked out of Inn - bus took us to Museum where spent morning going thru more exhibits and repeat of some - apartment especially beautiful furniture and paintings - left at 1:15 - drove to lookout to see Lake Champlain - down Route 22 - thru Ridgebury - Keeler Tavern at 6:30. Good trip. (Karen & Bob Nagle on trip)
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