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June 10

1978 - Saturday - 44° at 6am - beautiful day.
Wes did lawnboy work - all pond banks and farside west end etc. I edged along fence, around trees below barn - cultivated gardens - heavy rains had hardened them. New cucumbers coming up & pod beans - pulled out 2 Rutger tomatoes - worked at Ballard Garden couple hours - to Father Medynski's 30th anniversary dinner at Italian American club at 7:30

1979 - Sunday 65° at 6:30. Cloudy rain threatened - none - very humid until late in afternoon when had breeze  To 8 o'clock Mass. I made cake & chicken salad for dinner. Wes raked big lawn - took out stone at sheds - I  watered terrace plants. Eileen here at noon for delayed birthday celebration Brought us lot of bread. After she left I cut outside fence & back lawn - [[?]] planted pepper plant - warm had gotten one lil veg garden.. Peas showing

1980 - Tuesday - 44° at 6am - .30 in gauge from last night rain. Partly sunny in morning - showers not measurable, cold & windy in afternoon. 
Shopped Basics - cleaners - worked hour in Ballard Garden - bought water wand Ridgefield Hardware picked up sandwich for lunch at Brunette
Wes washed car - I trimmed & cultivated back garden - we both cultivated veg garden & raspberries & blueberries. Heat on again at night!

1981 - Wednesday - 62° at 6am - cloudy - Nutmeg returned repaired loaded and Lawnboy Mallard going into eclipse - Many gathering - about 22 around.
I went to Vera Lelegaw's for luncheon. Picked up Louise McKeon who gave us strawberries. 
Fireplaces [[?]] - North East utilities didn't open street yet. [[?]]. Sliding doors in place

1982 - Thursday - 52° at 6am. Fair.
Beautiful day nice and warm in sun - breezy 
To Mass. Worked on pulling out stone from road above mailbox. Wes took them to road side - South of driveway. I ordered [[?]] around white pine and leatherleaf viburnum there Lowered Dracena in strawberry jar - transplanted marigolds - put labels in Maidenhair ferns and some woodland plants. Wes backfilled drainage line of pump system - graded crawlspace access.

June 11

1978 - Sunday - 55° at 7:15 - Sunny - beautiful day. To 9:30 Mass. Wes balanced books. I cultivated gardens - transplanted lettuce - pulled up spinach and we had it and scallions for dinner. Spinach very poor this year - as is most of early garden. Wes cultivated the blueberry bed.

1979 - Monday - 64° at 5:45 - cloudy - to 7:30 Mass 
Wes cut across both hedges using Cadet. I sprayed veg garden - lots of squash bugs. To Dlhy Ridge Golf course to learn course closed until 11 o'clock - Back home Wes raked grass - I sprayed perennial garden & started cultivating it - Played 6 holes golf - rain drove as home. After lunch to Marcu - to liquor - Stop & Shop - Country Fare for Strawberry jam for M Q birthday - most gas stations closed - store open had long lines. Phoned [[?]] - they will come tomorrow.

1980-Wednesday- 36° at 6AM- Fair morning, cloudy afternoon (few sprinkles), clear evening I went to [[Goldie?]] Board Meeting (my last) packing up Helen - stopping at Ballard Garden to spray Charter oak loaded with worms - and fee up roses - Home at 1 for lunch & nap - Wes had Trimmed juniper at pump. Jeff 3/5- Cut grass in dell, West end and across big budge

1981- Thursday - Fair, gorgeous day - clear, not humid. Paid - 1800 to coal septic system. Mel Howard and Jimmy at Bogue - went over electric requirements - took all morning - after lunch went with Howard to look at ceiling heater fans - fix [[?]]. Bathtubs installed
   To Ruth Sharp at 5pm for  cocktail - Sathlers There
1982 - Friday - 52° at 6:45 - cloudy [[?]] and Israelis declared ceasefire in their war- didn't last. Golf 8-10. Shopped basic - book. We continued taking stone from north side to south side 8 entrance driveway. I trimmed wall plants. From planted all [[?]] and small iris from South holding bed to spot along walks in knoll a to compost. We also worked on pump draw line - finished[[?]]. Looked like rain- here - cloudy 
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