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June 22

1978 Thursday - 65° at 6AM - cloudy - cleared before noon - less humidity and lovely afternoon. Shopping in morning - Stop & Shop - Liquor for wine - Grand Central - stopped at Appalachian Shop re Bernina repair - will do - painted outdoor grill - put copper sulphate in big pond (second treatment) thinned zucchini - dusted vegs - transplanted lettuce - growing better after rain - golf 2-4 pm. Mallards gathering - seven here - males molting

1979 - Friday - 48° at 5:45. Caught 10-11-12th  Chipmunk Cold night - good sleeping - Damp, humid day - rain forecast (never came) Decided not to play golf as Joe Keller coming and lots to do. Wes to Mertas for supplies for blueberry frame. Joe did all trimming. Wes and I trimmed hedge. arborvitae at side - taxus near breezeway - redid front shrubbery. Wes and  holes (14) for blueberry frames - I cultivated veg & perennial garden. All conversation starts with gas line. Wes shot muskrat in morning

1980 - Sunday - 45º at 6 AM. Fair - lots of ducks.
To 8 o'clock Mass. Eileen here at 11 o'clock with lots of bread and wild flowers. Early lunch. To Greenwich at 12:30. Hortalus Flower Show - Cucumber and Vegetables took Firsts, Aquilegia Hon. Mention - Ruth Sharp's Lupine Third. Home at 5 o'clock. To To Gene & Ralph Ellises cocktail party at 5:30.

1981 - Monday - 68º at 5:45. Foggy. Thunder in afternoon - no rain then but short shower at 5:30.
Did wash - cultivated gardens - transplanted Oak Leaf lettuce - watered - sprayed squash - picked lettuce, strawberries, broccoli and cauliflower. Groundhog eating so want to get ours first. Cut all grass. Wes repaired veg. garden fences. To Bogus - there pocket doors had been framed.

1982 - Tuesday - 53º at 6:30. Sunny - looked like thunderstorm in afternoon but nothing until after midnight. Ladies Day at Golf - I played 8:30 to 11:30. Slow and poor.
Wes continued on bank wall below deck and raked and picked up stones at well pipe line drain area. Garden Club meeting in afternoon at Vera Neligan's took first for Tania lettuce - Mrs Randolph had stroke and is in nursing home - Annual Meeting had been held at her home for years!

June 23

1978 Friday - 52º at 6 AM - Fair. Watched 7 Mallards - one male chased all others - he is very protective of his female.
Trimmed hedge and taxus and arborvitae at side and back of house - and 3 small hemlock along fence line.
Trimmed bush honey suckle - cultivated beds and veg garden - cut grass.

1979 - Saturday. 56º at 5:45 Fair - no expected Thunderstorms unfortunately - cool day. mostly sunny and a nice breeze. To 7:30 Mass. Watered perennial and veg garden (half of that) Put wheelbarrow load of compost on tomatoes. Worked at Ballard Garden for an hour - bought Torres bird book - picked up silver bowl - Garden Sweepstakes engraved Mrs. Fairington) bought garden shoes - shopped for groceries. Wes worked on blueberry frame - planted row of lettuce & carrots. Hung Asparagus Meyeri in apple tree - installed retractable clothesline. 17 Mallards for corn.

1980 - Monday - 46º at 6 AM. Sunny and warm day. Very dry. Played golf 8:30/10:30 - good game. Wes to Bethel welder - corn at Agway - milk from Marcus, planted petunia - ageratum - dusty miller Eileen brought us - had to move impatiens - begonia and myrtle. Put water on veg garden. Wes watered raspberries and blueberries. Finished Horticultural report for Annual Meeting. Wes cut big lawn- 

1981 - Tuesday - 62º at 6 AM - Beautiful - stiff breeze during night. Sun 5:35 - 8:31. Trimmed & cultivated in morning. To Anne Tracy's for luncheon picking up Helen. On to Annual Meeting at Mrs Randolph's. Voted to turn down budget - at Bogus final pocket door installed - septic and oil tank connected. More electrical boxes in. Wes had seeded back lawn with ripe grass - cleaned cellar door. To Alex & Helen's for drink at 6 pm.

1982 - Wednesday 57º at 6 AM - Rain during night .11 in gauge. Cleared to beautiful day.
Shopped Basics and Marcus early for supplies for Reinwald's visit tomorrow. Wes moved couple loads of chips for garden path. I cultivated planting bed along road - lots of tree shoots and berry bushes. To Mary Sells at 11:30 - Cornells there & Bill Willets. Home at 5 pm to cut lawn and make pasta salad and fruit gelatin for tomorrow's lunch.
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