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August 1

1978 - Tuesday - 57° at 7 AM - Cloudy - 43 ducks - too many - light rain off and on during day 3/10 inch. Postponed Joe Keller until tomorrow. Rearranged pictures in den. I made brownies and 3 cakes for freezer - Wes worked in shop - After lunch I was able to deadhead - pick beans, strawberries and squash - Made zucchini soup. 

1979 - Wednesday - 64° at 6 AM - Hazy - Hot - Humid more of same. Wes sprayed big pond with copper sulphate - Left at 9 am for Lockwood Farm Conn - Agricultural Station Mt. Carmel (Near Hamden), Plant Sciences Day - interesting tests and studies but mostly for farmers - Joan Lee Faust, speaker - Home via Bethel & corn from Agway - Ace Hardware - chain for back road - Wes put in posts & connected chains I watered - dead headed - picked strawberries - beans - tomatoes Warmest day - so humid

1980 - Friday - 62° at 6 AM - Hazy - Muggy - hot Thunder in distance - No rain here. Usual deadheading - daylilies getting thin. Weeded at church for one hour. Emptied Japanese Beetle traps - working well. Wes put copper sulphate in pond. To Bethel for corn. Too many Mallards - 60 at least. Mama and 7 still around - Two white domestics & clinging together. Wes picked blueberries - I picked vegetables & flowers for church.

1981 - Saturday - 53° at 6:15 - Fair - Lots of Mallards. Breezy - warm, dry day. Joe Keller worked. We signed contract for carpet with Carpets etcetera - bought corn at stand. Deadheaded - daylilies very thin: Joe trimmed - deadheaded hostas - Carted willow debris. Wes had opened cable at Bogus at 7:30 AM - We made a planting bed on top - Wes taking up material in tractor wagon. Floors (wood) finished - Jake visiting Varga.

1982 - Sunday - 62° at 6 AM - Foggy early morning - off and on cloudy day. To 8 o'clock Mass. Went over cliff and brought up 2 Maidenhair Ferns and the Hepatica attached to their sod. - planted them on wood knoll and watered everything there. No sign of Groundhog today thank goodness. To Tracys at 5 pm for a drink.

August 2

1978 - Wednesday - 64° at 7 AM - Cloudy - 27 ducks - Joe Keller worked - cut west bed - raked - edged and cultivated hemlocks there and below corn. Wes took out dead Canadian hemlock at West End. Cut below corn. I took car to Brewster Ford in morning for lube and tune up. Cut back, side and veg garden grass in afternoon. Deadheaded - Picked cucumber, squash beans strawberries. Quit early - very humid.

1979 - Thursday - 64° at 5:35 AM - Hazy - Hot - Humid Thunderstorm at 8 pm - 
Pat here to clean - played golf 8:15/10 - fast game. Wes had one hour in shop - I moved Impatiens from window box to shed garden - put in begonias in box - too sunny for Impatiens. Watered lettuce and cabbage - After lunch to Stop & Shop & liquor - supplies for Saturday's party. To Billie Newell's at 4 o'clock for a swim - Jack Ward & family there - also Marty (Jessup) plus 3.

1980 - Saturday - 64° at 6:30. I slept late! Hot humid day, but a breeze - thunder at 5 o'clock - Very little rain then - came later in night Gave flowers to Mrs Judge for church - made blueberry pie - fixed Swedish cucumbers - chopped up lot of vegs for compost - deadheaded - picked squash & pole beans - watered veg garden - We raised flag - fixed area there - moved stones from side of new shed to outlet wall. Put 4 concrete blocks at "flood wall" on road at west end.

1981 - Sunday - 52° at 6 AM - Fair - Saw a Heron on pond bank - lots of Mallards. To 8 o'clock Mass. Watered perennial garden - deadheaded. To Bogus to use burlap to pick up leaves and sticks in North hollow. Jule & Gizella had looked at Louises - saw raccoon in livingroom. Home for lunch & nap. More humid. Watered grass off kitchen terrace. - To Billie Newell's party at 6 o'clock. Everyone talking about burned out lawns

1982 - Monday - 58° at 6:15. - slept late! Fair day - although forecast said might have a storm Waited for call from Sears re grill tank repair - then golf 9-11:15 - Paul Lukis, Sears repairman, fixed grill tank so it registers amount of gas - almost empty. After lunch to Agway for wire for veg garden - flower pots to split Agapanthus (no soil yet) Basics - had gas tank (new one from Agway) filled - to screen door shop at Mill Plain - they will come Thursday to measure. Watered - Wes moved dirt & stones to Wall on North east cliff.   
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