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November 7

1978 - Tuesday - Election Day - 38° at 6:30 - Partly Cloudy - Voted before breakfast - Grasso and Casey reelected.
I worked at Ballard 9:30 - noon - Had haircut
Wes groved the secretary shelves. He trimmed the juniper over little hedge.
John Davis, who had Election Day off, visited in afternoon from Pittsfield - Wes went to Republican Party in afternoon to check on voters in his area.

1979 - Wednesday - 38° at 6:30 - light rain - off and on during day. We were able to get out and cut off daylilies at road fence - did 3/4th of them - took debris behind vegetable shed.
I went to Bob Caller at 2 pm - bought two Chippendale side chairs - will have to be upholstered. Pat Caller in bed - looks good - but has no use of left hand or side. Shopped at Cheese Shop and Stop & Shop.

1980 - Tuesday - 40° at 6AM - Had light rain in night. There was 1/4 inch in gauge - may include last light rains.
Did a lot of indoor chores - shop - work - wrote letters - then transplanted nursery plants that needed bigger pots - brought ilex glabea to side wall steps - potted miniature plants and put them in nursery. Raked and bagged leaves at shed - used lawnboy there. Put tape on bad shed roof - to Danbury Plumbing and Waterworks to look over bathroom fixtures - shopped Basics  & for corn - too many mallards to feed.

1981 - Saturday - 39° at 6AM. Cloudy cold day - windy. After shop hour Wes continued placing Belgian Block in turn-around - had 62 in at quitting time - both curves in. Bed, chest and poinsettia plant came up from Eileen via Jim Carbelis Trucking Service. Arranged guest room - have too many tables. I went to Louise McKeon's at 10 AM to help her take flowers to church. Home at noon. Made chocolate pie.

1982 - Sunday - at the Algonquin - beautiful day. After breakfast checked out - no charge for car account weekend at Algonquin - to Eileen's at 11 - she gave us Irish and lunch - bread - African Violets - Rosy Maidenhairs - home at 3:15 - learned young Tibor Varga one of three shot Friday evening during robbery at Airport Liquor - doing ok in Danbury Hospital - Gizella had taken in our mail and papers.
We had a good weekend in city.

November 8

1978- Wednesday - 44° at 7AM - Cloudy - damp all day but we worked outdoors in afternoon raking leaves in dell trimmed dead branches from pines
  Wes continued trimming junipers across little bridge in morning - also raked leaves there. I went to 9 o'clock Mass for Dorothy Stack and coffee with ladies afterward Before lunch I raked back of house.

1979. Thursday - 40° at 6:30. Partly cloudy - Worked outdoors in afternoon - finished cutting off day lilies at fenceline - raked willow branches - used lawnboy at little bridge and in dell - raked leaves there - getting place to look clean and neat. In morning Wes selected fabric for the two Chippendale chairs at Bob Coller's -- raked leaves at Ballard - Took couple plants to them - did a little grocery and liquor shopping for tomorrow.

1980. Saturday - 41° at 6am. Light rain during night 
  Cleared at 10 o'clock to beautiful day, but too windy to rake leaves. Shop [[hour?]]. Put storm doors on French doors. Washed plastic pots and six-packs to give to Ballard greenhouse. After lunch drove to Scotts Corner St Charles Kitchen was closed unfortunately but we saw a lot through windows. Shopped at the market there. Home for a nap then to Ruth Sharp's for drink at five

1981 - Sunday - 29° at 6AM. Clear beautiful day - a little warmer in afternoon - could work in sweaters. To 5 o'clock Mass. Put dresser in guest room - it didn't fit in our bedroom. Wes finished placing Belgian Block at driveway curb. 92 pieces in all. I raked a few leaves - spread gravel along wall garden - taking it from side terrace. Paint for front door inside too pink. To 4:30 Soprano Concert at church.

1982 - Monday - 38° at 6:30 - Clear - beautiful day. Mild - sweaters were sufficient for outdoor work. Most leaves are down - wind blew a lot from lawns.
  Did wash - changed bed - put away clothes etc.
  Planted one pot of paperwhites.
  Wes rearranged stones for step off south wall - raked grade there - looks good. He took down 2 dead trees behind wood pile. I raked leaves. Cut south grass. We pulled out black rubber edging from garden path - I cut off remaining perennials.
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