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Winter 1988

Eos Instruments: Initial Operational Configuration (IOC)

Instruments in the Principal Investigator (PI) class, and advanced versions of other instruments, will be selected in response to Announcements of Opportunity by the United States (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and Japan.

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|ALT: Radar Altimeter|NOAA/1; ESA/3|Ocean circulation, surface topography|

|AMIR: Advanced Microwave Imaging Radiometer|Europe/3|Snow and ice extent and character, sea-surface winds, atmospheric water vapor, surface temperature|

|AMRIR: Advanced Medium Resolution Imagery Radiometer d |NOAA/1,3|Surface temperature, snow and ice extent, cloud properties, atmospheric temperature and water content|

|ASMR: Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer|Japan/1|Precipitation rate, snow and ice extent and character, sea-surface winds, atmospheric water vapor, surface temperature|

|AMSU: Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit d |NoAA-U.K./1,3|Surface temperature, atmospheric water content, atmospheric temperature|

|ARGOS+ French satellite-borne data relay and platform location system (advanced version) e |France/1,3|Data relay and location of ground-based measurement platforms|

|ATLID: Atmospheric Lidar|ESA/3|Aerosols and atmospheric parameters|

|ATSR: Along Track Scanning Radiometer|U.K.-Australia/3|Sea-surface temperature, atmospheric corrections|

|CR: Correlation Radiometer|Pl/1|Tropospheric composition (carbon monoxide)|

|DB: Direct Broadcast|NOAA/1,2,3|Communications and data distribution|

|ERBI: Earth Radiation Budget Instrument|NOAA/1,3|Earth radiation budget on regional, zonal, and global scales|

|F/P-INT: Fabry-Perot Interferometer|Pl/2|Upper-atmosphere wind velocities|

|GLRS: Geodynamics Laser Ranging System|NASA/3|Tectonic-plate motions, ice flow, altimetry, surface topography|

|GOMR: Global Ozone Monitoring Radiometer|NOAA/1|Total ozone column content and profile|

|HIRIS: High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer|NASA/1|Biological activity, land-surface composition|

|HRIS: High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer|ESA/3|Biological activity, land surface composition|

|IR-RAD: Infrared Radiometer|Pl/2|Composition of upper atmosphere, aerosols|

|ITIR: Imaging Thermal Infrared f |Japan/1|Surface temperature, surface composition, biological activity|

|MAG: Magnetosphere Currents/Fields|Pl/1,2,3|Measurements of magnetospheric currents and fields|

|MERIS: Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer g |ESA/1|Ocean biological activity, land-surface composition and biological activity, total aerosol column content, cloud properties|

|MLS: Microwave Limb Sounder|Pl/2|Upper-atmosphere composition and pressure|


Transcription Notes:
The image in the top left corner of the page appears to be a magnifying glass with Earth inside of it. Third row, first column and fifth row, first column, has a superscript 'd' above a word and I cannot figure out how to do that (indicated by [[?]]). Sixth row, first column, has a superscript 'e' above "version" Fourth to last row, first column: there is a superscript above "infrared," although I can't tell what it is/I don't know how to make a superscript Second-to-last column, first row has a "g" superscript above the word "spectrometer"

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