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[[3 column table]]
|MODIS: Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectrometer [[?]] |NASA/1|Biological activity, land-surface composition, snow and ice extent, aerosois, cloud properties, surface temperature, atmospheric temperature profiles|
|MPD: Magnetospheric Particles Detectors|PI/1,2,3|Detection of magnetospheric particles|
|P/L-EX: Payload Executive|NASA/1,2|Optimization of instrument use, support of Direct Broadcast|
|PEM: Particle Environment Monitor|PI/2|Magnetospheric energy input into the atmosphere|
|PPS-PODS: Precise Position System-Precise Orbit Determination System|PI/1,3|Precise determinations of position and orbit|
|S&R: Search and Rescue|NOAA/1,3|Search and rescue operations|
|SAR: Synthetic-Aperture Radar|NASA-FRG/2|Land-surface composition, topography, snow and ice extent and character, ocean waves, wetlands extent, soil moisture|
|SAR-C Synthetic-Aperture Radar-C Band | ESA/3 | Sea-ice extent and character, ocean waves, wetlands extent, soil moisture, topography, land-surface composition
|SCATT: Scatterometer|NOAA/1: ESA/3|Sea-surface wind velocities|
|SEM: Space Environment Monitor|NOAA/1,3|Monitoring of particles and fields environment|
|SUB-MM: Submillimeter Spectrometer|PI/2|Composition of upper atmosphere|
|SUSIM: Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor|PI/2|Solar spectral irradiance|
(d)The AMRIR, AMSU instrument pair supersedes the current AVHRR, HIRS operational instruments
(e)The French ARGOS+ system supersedes the U.S. Advanced Data Collection and Location System
(f)The Japanese ITIR instrument supersedes the U.S. Thermal Imaging Spectrometer (TIMS) instrument
(g)The European Space Agency's MERIS instrument is essentially Similar to and could replace the U.S. MODIS-Tilt instrument
(h)The MODIS instrument listed here includes the MODIS-Nadir and MODIS-Tilt instruments

Eos Instrument Candidates, Post-IOC
[[3 Column table]]
|CIS: Cryogenic Interferometer/Spectrometer|U.S.-International|Composition of upper atmosphere|
|ESTAR: Electronically Steered Thinned Array Radiometer|U.S.-International|Surface soil moisture|
|LASA: Laser Atmospheric Sounder and Altimeter|NASA|Tropospheric state and composition, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric moisture, cloud-top properties, surface vegetation|
|LAWS: Laser Atmospheric Wind Sounder|NASA|Tropospheric winds|
|NCIS: Nadir Climate Interferometer/Spectrometer|U.S.-International|Tropospheric composition|
|SAR-X: Synthetic-Aperture Radar-X Band|Japan|Land-surface composition, topography, snow and ice extent and character, sea-ice extent and character, ocean waves, wetlands extent, soil moisture|
|VIS-UV: Visible/Ultraviolet Spectrometer|U.S.-International|Composition of upper atmosphere|


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