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Mon. 1932 - Jan. 25. to split the votes and thereby making myself president. Lena nominated me, and Roy, Tadashi. George E. Sorya is mgr, winning from Edward & Edith. Mrs. Clopton is a dandy teacher - with a sense of humor & everything. And now for the crowning feature of the day - semester grades! I'm especially discouraged with having an unexpected B in Cr. writing, and a B from old DHF. Well, I've made the resolution to write more poems, and [[strikethrough]] keep [[/strikethrough]] be attentive in U.S. History class. I hope to get all A's in June. Harriet is all A's, III's?, and Ruth has 3 A's and 3 B's. I think there'll be a hot fight between us three for the Pearl K. Ruth will have had more than 70 points by June. If I can only - win the Paris Pact Essay contest, be appointed for police officer, win the Scholastic Poetry contest, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] or Essay contest, and persuade Thomas or +RF to give me points for C.S.A. office (1 sem.) and for Scholastic contests, I might be able to get the grand Pearl. 

Things to do: hint to Tom that I want to be a police officer; put down points for C.S.A presidency for 2 semesters on the honor point report card and watch closely if Tom or anybody else alters my points; don't remind Ruth that she's a president of Hai Aloha for 2 semesters; ask Tom who wins the ticket contest. 
My points:
Marks first sem. 20 
Attendance  5      
Ticket  1
HR Pres. 5  
Editor 5 

Possible: marks, 2nd sem. 24
Attendance  5
Police 3
Paris Essay 5
Scholastic 5
C.S.A  6
Poster 3  


Mon. 1932- Hello, February- I wonder what you have in store for me - luck? or disappointments? If I can only win the Paris and Washington Essay contests, I'll say that is good luck.

Well, my inspiration for the month - perhaps the year, has come, in the person of Tom Brown in "Tom Brown at Culver" the picture's theme, and everything - depicting life of chaps at a military school simply filled me with something inspiring - the friendship of roommates - the youthful, strong build of the boys have made a deep impression on me that will remain, I hope.

1934- 1041-A Seventh Ave
Kaimuki Honolulu,
Today I just took a notion to write