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Christianity - the more you give it away to others the better you keep it.

All men become equal before the great Leveller[[Leveler]] — The Cross of Christ.
Snubbing, class consciousness, prejudice, &c become meaningless.

The bedrock of Jesus' Kingdom is poverty not possessions.

Peace is loving faith at rest.

Meeting @ Dodsons 6/20/39

Wilda Conger-Cal
Grace Earl D.C.
Jack Smith D.C.
Gertrude Vormley
Doria Whipper
Annie Eliott
Walter Baggs
Jessie Aiken
Mae Hanes
Grover Hartman
Josephine Goodspeed
(Ephesus  6/11th)
Louise Denney
Mrs. Norris Dodson
Mrs. Taylor
Miss Louise Walker
Mrs. O.M. Walker
Miss Mitchell
Mr. Dan Monroe
Mr. Robt. Dodson

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