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Sharing is right
relationship with God
We are desperately in
need of forgiveness
and forgiving.
"To a level in the
realm of grace."
"They also serve who only
stand and wait."
Hate sin so intensely
as to forsake it and
love goodness so th
thoroly as to always
follow it.
Confession has a
treble effect.
  1st It raise an
obstacle to repetition
of the sin avoiding
another unpleasant
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2. It is a warning
guide to others.
3.It produces a sense
of release + cleanliness of spirit.
The offence is purged
by the Cross of Christ
All men become equal
before the great Leveller
The Cross of Christ
Snobbery, + class consciousness become 
God is always 
speaking to men.
But He can only be heard
by those who listen with
the determination to
obey whatever the