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The Mulliks are considered by other tribes of Mahomedans a distinct race.  The ignorant think that they are of giant origin; but learned Mahomedans suppose that they were degenerate Hindoo Rajpoots who embraced Islam in the reign on Mahomed Ghoree.  There is, however, no certain information as to their true origin or genealogy; but that they are a distinct race is universally admitted.

The Mulliks themselves are ignorant of their genealogy, and object to being questioned about it.

Those who can read and write Persian and Oordoo are generally decent and tractable persons, and often hold offices under Government; but the generality of the Mulliks are a turbulent people, addicted to the use of toddy, and apt to commit all kinds of atrocities while under its effects.

They are chiefly employed in the management of landed property, and fill the subordinate offices of Brahils, Village Gomashtas, and Peeadas.

They profess the Mahomedan religion according to the Soonee tenets; but have no particular article of diet.

They make a mystery of their peculiar marriage rites, which are performed by their females in a most secret manner, but they are not allowed to form marriage alliances with the other Mussulman sects.

The Mulliks reside chiefly in the province of Behar.  They cultivate land, and the wealthy among them possess extensive landed property.