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THE term Limboo is a corruption of Ekthoomba, and is generally used to designate the whole population of the mountainous country lying between the Dood-Koosi and the Kauki rivers, in Nipal.  Their original country is Chung, in Tibet.  The Limboos are found in smaller numbers eastwards to the Mechi river, which forms the boundary of Nipal and Sikhim.  In still fewer numbers they exist within the Sikhim territory, as far east as the Teesta river, beyond which they very rarely settle.  In Bhootan they are unknown, except as strangers.  They doubtless belong to the great Mongolian family of the human race.  This is clearly evidenced in their form of features, absence of beard, and yellow colour of the skin; but to which of the numerous divisions of this family, to be found between the Himalaya mountains and the Yellow Sea, they especially belong, or of which they are an offshoot, remains to be decided by further comparison of their language and their religion, with those of other Mongols.  Their language has no written character, nor does it impress the hearer as having any resemblance to the Lepcha or Mech dialects.  There is, however, reason to suppose that it once had a written character peculiar to itself. (Journal As. Soc. Bengal, ii., 4.)
   Although they have been long in close contact with the Hindoos, there is not any perceptible mixture of the blood to be observed, whether in more regular features, or in the absence of the small low nose of the Mongolian races, and presence of the beard.  In religion they are neither Hindoos nor Buddhists; though they outwardly conform, as their locality requires, to the practices of either creed.  They believe in one great god, called Sham-mung, and worship many minor dieties.  Their marriage ceremonies are simple, involving little but a sacrifice and a feast.  Their funeral proceedings are thus described: - Just as the vital spark has taken its leave of the mortal tenement,it is usual among the Limboos, for one who can procure a little powder, to fire a gun.  The report is supposed to give intimation of the event to the gods, and to speed the soul of the deceased to their keeping.  They burn the dead, selecting the summits of mountains for the purpose, and afterwards collect and bury the ashes, over which they raise a